Bern University ot the Arts

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Bern University ot the Arts
Fellerstrasse 11


The BUA is firmly rooted in this world. It is geared to the global social processes while, at the same time, being anchored in its local and regional setting. As a university that unites all the different artistic disciplines under a single roof, it aspires – in the interests of its members – to assert itself in these processes in a responsible manner and to play a part in shaping them. The BUA is an international, multilingual university. Its students and lecturers come from more than 30 countries. It views cultural differential as creative potential, which is to be fostered and not overcome. The BUA particularly cherishes its French/German bilingualism As a University of the Arts, the BUA is committed to the individuality of its members. It provides the best possible conditions for ensuring that this individuality can evolve. The BUA expects a high artistic and/ or specialist, methodical and didactic competence from its lecturers, an active confrontation with research issues, the capacity of self-reflection, enjoyment of working with young people, a sense of responsibility and the readiness to stand up for the aims and values of the BUA both internally and externally. Teaching occupies a central role in everyday university life at the BUA. The teaching and learning process is viewed as a joint project between students and lecturers, with both sides assuming responsibility for its success. The BUA accords a high status to research. It plays an active role in the development of disciplinary research standards and looks for new forms of research in art. It works on the assumption that findings are formulated in works of art and that these, in their media-specific presentation forms, rank equally with systems of scientific findings. The BUA views itself as a venue for artistic production and experiment and thus creates publicity in this way. The University is one of the key cultural providers in Berne and contributes towards an open, innovative and lively cultural climate.


The Design and Fine Arts department ist part of an international multilingual university with students and lecturers from different countries. Cultural diversity is perceived as a creative potential which is persistently to be fostered. The BUA plays an active role in the ERASMUS network, not only by sending their students and teachers abroad but also by participati

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Andreas Vogel