ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation, and Technology

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ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation, and Technology
Avda. Alfonso XIII


ESNE’s misssion is to contribute to the creation of a better society through and educational model based on development of critical thinking, and the promotion of active participation in public life.
Its goals are to achieve academic and professional excellence, develop innovative teaching methodologies and educate students that will transform society though design.
Each program’s mission is to train designers  for successful professional and academic careers who are capable of serving and transforming society, able to work in multidisciplinary teams, to respond to changing circumstances, exercise leadership roles and successfully face the challenges of an clallenging international context.
Furthermore, cross pollinization and collaborations between the different programs enables further specialization in a wide variety of fields and provides students with a solid education enriched by a holistic understanding of design .
ESNE offer students all the necessary resources, both material and human, to complete their studies successfully. Our dedicated faculty, belonging to the academic and professional spheres, tutoring systems and personalized support, are all key to our institution and the reason for the rapid growth of our Institution.
Our institution is ethically committed to the environment, with a particular focus on ecological sustainability and development aid. Our students experience learning by doing though different iniciatives and the collaboration with NGO’s



At ESNE we believe that academic excellence is linked to the international exposure available to our students. Consequently, All our departments are involved with our international activities mainly focused on join projects with partner universities. We are mainly focusing on EU, Latam and Asian institutions. Our board is highly interested on offering our students and staff a cultural experience by participating in exchange, incoming and outgoing programs as well as Studio sessions, joint  workshops, field trips and our participation in the European Erasmus Mobility Program have all been designed to give more international exposure to our faculty and student body.
Not only our school attracts students and faculty for diferente countries whose presence enrich our learning environment,  faculty 

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Veronica Melendez Valoria