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Linnaeus University
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We educate Bachelors aimed to hold a holistic way of thinking when working in the design field. They are trained to applied this attitude to all design work besides the knowledge they gain in a specific design area. We train students to cooperate with different professional from those areas design is interacting: technology, economy, education, etc. The Bachelor can apply to further Master level in both national ans international schools (Konstfack, HDK, Leeds UK, DDS in Danemark)


We are promoting the holistic way of thinking to cope with sustainability. We have collaborated with the University of Naples, Italy, the North West University (Potchefstroom), South Africa, Mechelen University College, University of the Arts, Central Saint Martins. We had had exchange with students and staff.


We are involved in develop sustainable strategies focused in the national research in wood, its industry and products, to (re)connect consumers to this basic material. In connection to SVID (Swedish association of industrial design)we try to connect the traditional small enterprises (often related to wood furniture and product design) in the region of Småland. Moving the focus from design as product development to design as meaning and content for sustainability, we are putting product development in a life cycle including the whole life time of every product, thus a product has to be seen from raw material, through industrialization, manufacturing, marketing, consuming, and recycling or energy extraction when necessary. In the region we cooperate with Möbel-, Aluminium- and Glasriket ((furniture, Aluminum and Glas "realms"),


Bachelor Design program focused to general studies. Hereby the description of our courses and the design issues taken i every step Design and Communication: form and content, visual thinking, typography and layout Design and Human Being: ergonomics, identity, human needs Design and Production: form and material, form and production, form and context Design and Design Process: Process and production, process and enterprising, process and society Design and Sustainability:theory, project 1 and 2 Design and Design professions: assignments, professional attitude (bachelor exam), professional market and portfolio

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