Madrid School of Design

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Madrid School of Design
Camino de Vinateros 106


Our aim is to contribute to creating the best possible solutions for contemporary human and social needs and present and future challenges, by having a creative, human-centred and open school that welcomes differences and is ready to face global challenges. 

To achieve this, we are developing proactive innovative strategies integrated with the environment, society and people.

Environment: facilitating sustainable development by integrating the life cycle perspective into the educational process and bringing our own particularity to the rich context of the international educational context.

Society: acting as a laboratory of research and using our professional approach in a productive regional, national and international context, thus contributing to a better quality of life.

People: understanding the person in his individuality and social complexity as the origin and destination of design.



The ESDM has considered from the beginning that internationalisation, through the mobility of students and teachers and participation in European projects, is a key factor in its development.

The Head of the International department and some other members of the school have more than 20 years experience of international collaboration, winning the Prize of Excellence of the Comunidad de Madrid for their work in European projects. Written Europe, one of the projects designed and lead by them, was chosen as Success Story to be presented in Berlin during the launch of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union in 2007.

In the framework of Erasmus + we are doing Student Mobility for Studies, Work Placements, Teaching and Learning Staff Mobility. The number of international mobilities is very high and keeps on growing. 

We are currently working on a KA2 Knowledge Alliance. 

In 2012-2013 the school was the designer and general coordinator of one of the seven Erasmus Intensive projects approved in Spain. We lead a project called Design as Ethno-tourism. It examined the use of public spaces in Madrid, working in collaboration with seven recognised European institutions: Luca School of Art, Belgium; Faculty of Architecture, The Technical University, Crete, Greece; Chelsea College of Art and Design, 

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Belén González Riaza