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Malmö University
Malmö University,
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The significance of media in society is ever increasing, and this holds in particular for new media such as the web, blogs, mobile services, online forums, and virtual worlds. The increase is deeply related to technical developments in the field of information and communication technology offering possibilities for new forms of expression and new media actors. The relations between producers and consumers, between professionals and amateurs, are thus reshaping in quite drastic ways, enabling a variety of communication practices and numerous public spheres, transnational as well as domestic. Research at the School of Arts and Communication aims at exploring this development by combining the theoretical and conceptual study of digitally enhanced mediated communication and its properties with design-oriented material experiments with a special emphasis on participation and coproduction in the public sphere.


The faculty is internationally highly qualified, many of which also have foreign background and experience from working abroad. Situated in a vibrant part of Europe, in the "Greater Copenhagen area", the school has developed close collaboration with several major international networks and associations, such as the DESIS network, including companies and outreaching institutions in the region.  Internationalization is prioritized; the teaching and research environment is highly diverse with a number of programs run entirely in English, a high ratio of international faculty, an international body of students, and a number of collaboration projects with international partners including exchange agreements for both students and staff. These agreements include, apart from agreements within the Nordic networks and Erasmus also Rochester Institute of Technology, USA; Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India; Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa; a

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Maria Hellström Reimer