Manchester Metropolitan University

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Manchester Metropolitan University
All Saints
M15 6BH


Please include a short mission statement of the institution.  

MMU’s vision is to become the UK’s leading university for world-class professionals. The vision will continue to develop within the changing environment of higher education and particular emphasis will be on a university that:

places quality and employability as our top priorities
places students first
promotes and supports employability
aims to produce effective independent learners
has a curriculum which is informed by high quality research, scholarship and enterprise
is an enterprising organisation with enterprising staff and students
invests selectively and strategically in research
has expertise, research and other resources to support the social and economic development of the region and community

Manchester School of Art is the oldest undergraduate Art School in the UK and is regularly ranked in the top 20 best HE providers of Art and Design. We have always been actively engaged in international partnership activities at both staff and student level. Our partnerships are global with our students regularly undertaking exchange visits within the EU through the Erasmus scheme, India, US and Canada. New knowledge exchange relationships with China in particular now see students undertaking work placements and internships as well as study abroad opportunities. At a research level our international projects and pedagogic research are currently active in China, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, India, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

 Our international recruitment is also global but with the largest cohorts coming from China, Malaysia and Korea. Our current recruitment focus is on increasing our post-graduate intake.

Hollings Faculty has an international network of collaborative partnerships with opportunities for students through both Erasmus and worldwide exchanges in the USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong and Australia.  The Faculty engages in international projects with overseas collaborative partners, which are embedded in the curriculum at Level 5 (second year degree), encouraging communication across borders and cultures to prepare students for the globalised markets they will enter on graduation.  International projects are currently running with partners in Japan, China, Australia the USA and India.


The Depar

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Jane Ledbury