Mid Sweden University

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Mid Sweden University
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We see the importance of social responsibility and care about the impact of all decisions we take and how it affects people. Therefore we have a big focus about a sustainable society during the entire education where we work with creative design solutions. Good design contributes to mutual understanding and in the long term - a better world. 



We are a part of the Erasmus exchange program and have collaboration with partner university.




The industrial design programs and the graphic design program have close collaboration with companies in the private and public sector, both regionally and nationally.




MA Industrial Design - Design for all: Design for All is a vision of a world where all people can participate and experience a high quality of life. We see that a big asset that each person is unique. In our master's programme in Design for All, we take these differences as starting point and have developed methods, which take human diversity into account throughout the design process. These methods have proven to be very effective in developing innovative and sustainable design solutions.

BA Graphic Design and Communication: In this program the focus is within packaging design and the main focus in creativity and visual creation. The combination of design and communication is given because a package is always "speaks" with the target group through colour, form, structure and pattern. It needs to function both practically and aesthetically to communicate with people. To be able to design a package in a way that it speaks with the target group you need to understand how to communicate as a designer.

BA Industrial Design: A big part of being an industrial designer is to be good at analysing problems and to solve those problems with design solutions. You need to see and understand how people act in different situations. You will also learn how design is affecting the environment, people and structure

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Kristina Brink