Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknik

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Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknik
Loramendi Kalea 4


Mondragón Unibertsitatea is a cooperative university of social enterprise and sense, the major activities of which are training, research and rendering of services to companies, educational centres and other public or private organisations. It is defined as a university having its origins in the Basque Country and with a global spirit. Starting from its culture and integration in the Basque society, it will be open to the most advanced universal thoughts as well as the cooperation and exchange with other centres, people and bodies all over the world.

Its fundamental mission is to achieve a quality integral training by means of an active student participation in their educational process, which will allow them to face with guaranteed success the challenges put forward by the current transformation of the business world and social environment in general.

This integral training will incorporate, the necessary know-how, as well as the capacities and competence based on the work ethics, solidarity, self-managing attitude (proactive) of its own destiny, searching for a balance between the personal and community development and, as a general rule, the values derived from the cooperative thought.

Mondragón Unibertsitatea is aiming at having an innovative teaching staff involved in the training process of students leading to the transformation of the society by means of a quality teaching system on the basis of active student-teacher cooperation.

Mondragón Unibertsitatea will become outstanding because of its efficiency in management of either its organisation or human and material resources, so as to meet the requirements of its students, workers and collaborators.

Mondragón Unibertsitatea will promote the cooperation/ relationship with other organisations engaged in training, research, application and dissemination of the know-how or business management. 
In addition, this institution assumes a commitment to the transformation of the society by contributing to its human, technological and economic progress, essentially through Basque companies.


Considering international activity, relations with prestigious foreign universities come from long time ago, from the seventies, thanks to our international student mobility program.
Since then more than 700 students have had the opportunity to follow studies in foreign countries in Europe and America, mainly.
Among the

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Itsaso Gonzalez