Oslo National Academy of the Arts

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Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Fossveien 24


Department of Design is part of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, a national centre for innovation and development within design, visual art, theatre, dance and opera. The department is dedicated to producing design solutions within Norway's public, social, commercial, artistic and cultural life, as well as educating competent and inspired designers who may bring new thoughts and visions to society.


The Department of Design has bilateral agreements with 22 universities within the Erasmus framework, and the faculty is active in the Nordic/Baltic Cirrus network. Many of our teachers participate in international conferences yearly and they also go on teacher exchange to our partner schools. The Department of Design is active in Predesign, which is a sub-network of Cumulus.


The Department of Design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts collaborates with the Norwegian School of Management with regard to business and entrepreneurial skills. Research projects are run together with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Oslo University College. The Department is active in incubators, institutes and organisations promoting and linking the education and the professional life. Each year the Department is present at Stockholm Furniture Fair and the Department collaborates with the furniture industry with regard to design and development. At the end of each study-year the students exhibit their work at the Norwegian Architecture and Design Centre (DogA).


1. The Department of Design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, shall be understood to be the strongest design education in Norway, and it should thoroughly equal design schools in the Nordic-Baltic countries and Europe. 2. The Department of Design shall be a creative, active and positive work place that supports cooperation and healthy competition among its students and staff. 3. The Department of Design builds upon its almost 200 year tradition of workshop and craftsmanship while strengthening the analytical and creative elements in the education. 4. The Department of Design aims to be central in the future of the organization, promoting interdisciplinary activity working with all the other specializations at the Faculties of visual arts and performing arts. 5. The Department of Design shall be attractive for other education and research institutions in the world as a partner by promoting openness towards others. 6.

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Aleksandra Mertens