Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

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Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
Tiefenbronner Straße 65


Design stands for the development of creative, intelligent and sustainable solutions in the dynamic interface between society, the arts and technology, between strategic economic management and interdisciplinary scientific thinking. Pforzheim University / School of Design bases it's educational goal on connecting these factors of success with the goal of teaching sustainable design on the highest aesthetic and technical level. Quality and a sense of responsibility define the center point of thinking and taking action, as our students will be deciding influences on culture, economic success, identity and acceptance of companies and the developing aesthetic understanding of our society.

We cultivate an active exchange with over 19 partner schools worldwide, some are individually study program specific and others applicable to several study programs. Participation in internationally well known trade fairs opens our activities to a larger audience, providing participating students with invaluable, international feedback and experience. We also place a high value and emphasis on participation in international competitions, take part in international symposiums, and are actively involved in organizing them as well, such as the biannual international Transportation Design Symposium.

We are content to have qualified and vivid cooperations with industries and universities such as international operating companies (e.g. Daimler, VW, Audi, Miele, Kärcher, Duravit...) and nationwide workshops involving students from faculties of architecture, design and art (funded by Bayer, Grohe, Henkel...). On the other hand we also connect to regional business´ coining a Corporate Identity for the region of northern black forest or being an active member in chamber of commerce.

Both the BA and MA programs aim to help our students develop into independent thinking, successful and sustainable designers, able to work in their chosen fields and be active contributors to the ongoing development of their professions. A profound breadth in the fine and theoretical arts is the critical foundation for all study programs, giving our

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Sibylle Klose