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Academic programs in Industrial Design provide the theoretical, scientific and professional knowledge necessary for a designer, or in other words a person who is expert and skilled in planning, producing and improving industrial products. The latter term, industrial product, is not just understood by the Design Faculty as a physical item such as a car, a furniture element, an object, a garment or accessory, but also all the elements that serve to communicate a product and give it a “sense”, such as the aspects of graphic design and the creation of brands, web sites or fashion shows. This area of learning serves to meet the educational requirements asked by the industry of consumer products, public administrations and firms specialized in the design of communication, interiors, exhibitions and fashion, as well as the sectors responsible for selling and distributing these products. The suggested academic courses are arranged in two degree levels, the so-called 3+2 system, with a three-year Degree Course and a Master Degree that requires another two years. The three-year Degree Course produces graduates who are Design technicians or, in other words, professionals capable of collaborating in all the technical duties and design activities of the process that begins with the ideation and terminates with the production and distribution of the product in the market, and features different subjects in each Degree Course that has been created. Master Degree graduates are professionals capable of overseeing and defining the strategic aims of the design activities. These graduates are able to coordinate complex design activities, aimed at the creation of extensive and multifaceted product systems on the basis of the brand identity and the marketing strategies. Finally, those who have completed the Master Course may participate in the PhD program, a highly qualified academic itinerary for those who want to focus on design research. AR


Relé – is a key office organizing the relationships and links between the academic and research bodies of the Design system at Politecnico and the academic and research partners of the world. The collaborations with partners might consider all levels of the University world as well as the communication and organization of event to promote design as an factor of innovation.


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Luisa Collina