Searchlighter's mission is to work in collaborative contexts, applying its track record in research and social development, especially concerning good practice in employment and training. In this context, the central aim of Searchlighter is to affect the evolution of project outcomes regarding economic change for sustainable innovation in practice.

Searchlighter also has established expertise in project development and implementation, with a special focus on applying established procedures in monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance activities. While Searchlighter's experience in social research and the field of education are the key reasons for being a Partner in this project, it is contributing significantly to the management processes concerned with risk analysis, quality assurance, evaluating results, and monitoring impact.

In 2015–17, Searchlighter is engaged in 'Better-E', a Strategic Partnership with a focus on social inclusion and e-Learning. The core aim is to create a tool with a built-in e-Learning pedagogical protocol to guide teachers in creating courses, reducing the emphasis on the technological 'wizardry'. In this way, the Partners are working to enable a renewed focus in e-Learning techniques on pedagogy through the proposed tool. At the same time, the Partners are seeking to use e-Learning with an emphasis on how people learn – to empower people through education as well as promote innovation that enhances employability and entrepreneurship.