Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

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Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
Campus Urstein
Puch bei Hallein


The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences encourages the potential of its students and staff The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is an interdisciplinary advanced thinker and mainspring in the development of business, science and society in and beyond the region - in Economics & Technology, Media & Design, Health & Social Matters, its areas of competence. The modular form of instruction offered guarantees the students individual flexibility and makes a specialised orientation towards the growing competition and the enlarged EU labour market possible. Alongside imparting specialised knowledge, the goal with the greatest priority is the stimulation of personal potential and capabilities to act in a way that is self confident, that demonstrates self organisation and social skills. This applies equally to students, lecturers and the staff who provide essential services.


Salzburg University of Applied Sciences collaborates with more than 80 institutions in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia in international projects as well as faculty and student exchange.


The degree programme Design & Product Management started in 2002 and has been rapidly developing since then. We fulfil industry’s demand for creative, strategic designers and provide a productive, competent and creative link to the worlds of business, design and technology. We offer an emphasis on modern international developments and lectures by top professionals from German-speaking countries and abroad. MultiMediaArt builds a strong foundation in all aspeects of creative and business media studies, offers a high degree of both interdisciplinarity and specialization in design, audio, video, animation and game design. It maintains the highest academic standards necessary for a successful media career and offers opportunities for international cooperations throughout Europe and overseas.

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Michael Leube