Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid)

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Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid)
Carretera Pozuelo a Majadahonda, Km 1.800


Our way to consider the teaching of Design is related with the intigral integration of our students as a humanbeing as well as a professional. The focus and the offer of our university is unique in Spain as we have joined fine arts and design. This way we have created a designer with an artistic profile who is able to solve specific problems through his /her strong technical education. Our students receive a specialized education in different areas and creativity together with a humanistic approach.


Since the beginning, one of the main objectives of both the degrees in Fine Arts and Design is internationalization. That is why languages are fundamental in the academic program. We have different cooperation agreements with institutions and universities in Europe and America.


UFV has a solid presence despite its youth. In the field of design education, the University has been pioneer in Spain. The students of Fine Arts Design at our university have several working experiences during their last two years of study, with internships in prestigious design studios and agencies. The faculty is member of Dimad ( Asociación de diseñadores de Madrid).


BA oriented in grafic design, audiovisual design, creativity, plastic arts, videogame design

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Clara Gartner