University of Applied Science Hamburg

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University of Applied Science Hamburg
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Practice orientation is our trademark: theory from lectures is put into practice in the laboratories, study projects are completed in the form of case studies, close cooperation with industry ensures a direct link to the future field of work and excellence in research and development.


International University Partners As a centre of world trade, international relations and global connections are of great importance to Hamburg. This is also true of our university. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has over 190 international partner universities throughout Europe (Erasmus) and overseas. Shanghai-Hamburg College Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has been cooperating with the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST) in the area of Engineering since 1985. In 1998 the two universities set up a Joint College in Shanghai. Initially in the areas of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, it was extended in 2002 to also cover Business Administration. Students of the Shanghai-Hamburg-College participate in a four-year Bachelor's programme in German and Chinese. The first year is spent learning German. 35% of the lectures are held by HAW Hamburg professors in Shanghai. Graduates receive a German and a Chinese Bachelor certificate (ASIIN accreditation). Strategic Region USA In 2005 the HAW Hamburg defined the USA as a strategic focus of its internationalisation strategy. We currently have 15 partners in the US and US guest students are the largest group within the total group of international guest students. To underline this strategic focus Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is part of UAS7; a consortium of seven German universities of applied sciences with a strategic focus on developing educational links with the United States. The UAS7 has an office in New York (in the same building as the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD) and their Director helps to develop links with American universities and represents UAS7 at conferences, education fairs, etc. Strategic Region Brazil As part of the UAS7 consortium HAW Hamburg has also defined Brazil as a strategic Region. With an office in Sao Paolo UAS7 develops cooperations with brazilian universities and is a member of a university consortium of 15 Brazilian universities in the State Rio Grande do Sul. Strategic Region Australia

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Sven Vogel