University of the Arts Bremen

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University of the Arts Bremen
Am Speicher XI


Uniting the disciplines of art and music, our university occupies a unique place in the German educational landscape. Interdisciplinary cooperation between our twin faculties, between Art & Design and Music, is one of our keystones. Students at the University of the Arts Bremen are offered highly qualified tuition and excellent equipment. They are educated in a wide range of artistic practices, as our programmes unite artistic, creative and academic elements. Furthermore, students are taught the importance of the social, cultural and historical dimensions of art. They learn how to deliver innovative work and how to develop a professional outlook. The development of, e.g., new design concepts, products, corporate identities and digital media is one of the aims of our programmes. The university's compact size allows students to enjoy close working relationships with their teachers.


We have 35 partner universities all over the world. Around one third of all our students enrolled is from abroad. In order to continually ensure that international students are properly taken care of, we have signed the National Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities. In our BA programme "Integrated Design", the 5th semester is meant for students to go abroad (voluntarily). For those having to stay here, at least one course is taught in English in order to "internationalise" our students. As to our international projects, one of many examples is the perennial cultural dialogue and student exchange with the artistic faculties Applied Arts and Art Education of the University of Helwan in Cairo, Egypt called "Beyond Identity", initiated and coordinated by our Prof. Dr. Andrea Rauschenbusch. This project resulted in a book, a coproduction of professors and students who took part in the exchange "Unfolding perspectives. Beyond identity - and beyond. A dialogical discourse on the nature and intricacies of cultural exchange and knowledge transfer."


University of the Arts combines state-of-the-art tuition with innovative career development, initiatives and professional practice: spin-out companies, start-ups and joint ventures. In 2009, we established a “Professionals in the Arts” laboratory, where successful start-up incubation processes are studied and a concept for establishing a development and start-up centre in 

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Oliver Niewiadomski