University College West Flanders

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University College West Flanders
Marksesteenweg 58


• The University College West Flanders wishes to deliver high quality and practically oriented education that is closely related to the professional and social needs. • In its educational task, the University College West Flanders is committed to teaching and developing people. The University College West Flanders believes that its international character is a major benefit in this respect. • The University College West Flanders wishes to address accurately the demand for permanent lifelong education. • The University College West Flanders wishes to fulfil its social task as a permanent interaction between education on the one hand, and applied scientific research on the other. The University College West Flanders wishes to expand into a centre for knowledge and learning in co-operation with regional partners. • The University College West Flanders will be a student oriented and flexible organisation that strives for continuous improvement. By these means, the Hogeschool places the student centrally in the educational process, and he or she shall be involved in the organisation as a partner. • The University College West Flanders intends to execute a staff policy whereby members of staff are given responsibility and participation. The Hogeschool is committed to caring for the welfare and providing the chance for personal development within a learning organisation. • The University College West Flanders actively stands for pluralism, democracy and innovation, where values such as accessibility, tolerance, and respect for other opinions, co-operation, solidarity and creativity are central.

international role

Howest is building an international network of partners on 3 different levels. Research: Through the participation and setup of EU funded programs (e.g. creative city challenge, pro-fit, Innovation festival) and the collaboration in academic research and Phd\'s (eg association TU Delft, Polytechnico Milano, Uwic Cardiff...) Industry: Through the set-up of technology and knowledge transfer with and for companies. Through research in the different fields of expertises. Education: Through student and staff exchange (1 student out of 5) Through Collaborative programs (e.g. Intensive Programs, summerschool,...) Through Internship exchange. Howest Industrial Design Center is a 3 time Design Management Europe Award winner in non-profit. Howest Industrial Design 

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Sofie De Grave