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University of Ljubljana 
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The Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana was established in 1945 as the Academy of Plastic Arts on the basis of the efforts of the then leading Slovene artists, who had received their education at various schools of art, mostly in Central Europe, and thus introduced diverse artistic experience and approaches to the newly–founded school at the very beginning. Due to the location of Slovenia in the centre of Europe, where paths from the east and west intersect one another, the artists and scientists who teach at the Academy also bring with them influences of various cultural areas, theories and artistic practices comprising a productive matrix which, in addition to the hitherto open development of fine art, constitutes a framework for present and future education, research and artistic activities. During the time of its existence, the Academy has changed or supplemented its name on a number of occasions and has expanded in accordance with the development of Slovene society. In 1975, it became part of the University of Ljubljana. Today, it encompasses the following departments: the Department of Painting with painting, graphic art and video art — modern media courses, the Department of Sculpture, the Department of Visual Communication Design with graphic design, interactive design, photography and illustration courses, the Department of Industrial and Unique Design and the Department of Restoration. All of the subjects taught at the Academy display great dynamism and technological development, and the study courses must thus be constantly improved and supplemented, and the teachers must constantly further their knowledge; in the last decade, predominantly due to continued work on the Bologna reform. In cooperation with the students and by including top artists, designers, theoreticians and restoration specialists in the teaching process, we are endeavouring to establish an educational, artistic and research environment which would stimulate the development of our students into independent and inventive creators capable of contributing their share to the development of Slovenia. As at most of the institutions of higher education of the University of Ljubljana, the new Bologna study programmes were introduced in 2009. 

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Spela Rojc